Billiard Balls Aramith Premier 60 mm (Russian Pyramid)


Game: Russian Pyramid
Material: Phenol-aldehyde resin
Ball size: Ø 60.3 mm
Country: Belgium


Aramith Premier – balls for the Russian Pyramid.
They are made of phenol-aldehyde resin by industry leader – the Belgian company Saluc S.A.

In the production process, each ball for Russian billiards at the Aramith factory is subjected to a rigorous test of the following parameters: density, balance, diameter tolerance, sphericity, colour, surface polish and brilliance. That’s why Aramith balls are internationally approved for tournaments and championships.

The set consists of 15 balls with numbers and a cue ball of 60.3 mm standard for the Russian pyramid.

  • Perfectly round and balanced
  • Uniform weight and hardness
  • Brilliant colours
  • Friction resistant roll and reaction
  • Last up to 5 times longer than other balls made from polymers or polyester.

Thanks to their exceptionally long service life Aramith guarantees the lowest ball cost over time. The extra hard phenolic surface drastically reduces burn spots on both balls and cloth. As a result, balls need to be polished and replaced far less, saving both time and money.

Balls for Russian billiards Aramith Premier – the best offer in terms of price-quality ratio.

Aramith Premier Pyramid – the perfect choice for commercial and personal use.

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Additional information


Russian Pyramid


Phenol-aldehyde resin

Ball size

Ø 60.3 mm




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