Billiard Cue Start Dark 4 points (Thermo Ash – Ash)


  • Cue Type: Two-Piece
  • Wood: Thermo-Ash, Ash/Hornbeam
  • Splice Type: Veneers (Viennese or Classic)
  • Number of splices: 4
  • Length: 63″ (160 – 162 sm)
  • Weight: 24 – 25 oz (680 – 720 gr)
  • Tip diameter: 12.5 mm
  • Butt diameter: 27 mm
  • Joint: Steel / Steel
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It is inexpensive, but really worthy of your attention Billiard Cue.

It is full-spliced billiard cue, hand sanded, quality wood and excellent appearance.

Every of our cue is really like a work of art.

The creation of a Viennese or Classic points is a difficult and time-consuming process, which requires expensive equipment and high professionalism of the master.
Viennese or Classic points – it is a plywood of different types of wood in the form of check marks. This “check marks” stabilize the cue, quench vibrations after shot, create the effect of a spring.

Our products are not a Chinese mass punching manufacture.
All our cues are made by hand so the quality control was carried out at each stage of production.

All our cues have a greater safety margin than other manufacturers: cues are produced using the pyramid cue making technology, where the ball is bigger, heavier and requires more powerfull shot than in the pool or snooker.

According to the technology, is spent about a month for the cue manufacturing. We closely watch produce technology on order for your cue not to be curved with the time.

Our cues are not cheapest in the market because high-quality wood and high-quality consumables can not be cheap.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Additional information

Cue Type



Hornbeam, Thermo-Ash

Splice Type

Veneers (Viennese or Classic)

Number of splices



63" (160 – 162 sm)


24 – 25 oz (680 – 720 gr)

Tip diameter

12.5 mm

Butt diameter

27 mm


Steel / Steel


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